What to expect in 2020

It’s been awhile since the last post…look for more regular updates going forward.   

Wanted to give you all an update on what Novo Dé Productions has been doing since we brought the paperback edition of “The Entropy Sessions” (available for purchase here) to market in November.

Novo Dé has been back at it and is currently in the process of writing two companion pieces for The Entropy Sessions series. Look for “Adul(ter)ation” to be available by Summer 2020 and “Post Meridiem” to be available by Fall 2020.

In addition to expanding The Entropy Sessions series with new pieces, we will also be releasing an audio version of “The Entropy Sessions” later this year – timeline still to be determined.

2020 should be an exciting time for Novo Dé Productions and we look forward to providing everyone with more thought-provoking content to stimulate progressive discussion.