Who is NovoDeMedia?

You may recall in our last post, we mentioned that we had some companion pieces to “The Entropy Sessions” planned for 2020.  

Good news, we have some strong momentum going and are making the final edits to “Adul(ter)ation” with plans to have the piece finished by the end of March.

It’s exciting to have the next piece nearing completion, but it also means we then move into the operations part of releasing the new content.  While this part is fun, there’s more to it than you might guess – formatting for ebook, formatting for print, book cover, etc.  

Given that we’ll be active on Twitter and IG with “Adul(ter)ation”, it doeesn’t really make sense for our handles to remain strictly aligned with “The Entropy Sessions” (@EntropySessions).  As you’ll notice going forward, we’ve updated our handles to @NovoDeMedia.  

This update makes a lot of sense for us as we’ll continue to release written works, but are also looking to expand into other creative outlets in the future – audio, visual art, and any other artistic expression we may end up cooking up in the lab.

Look for updates in the coming weeks related to “Adul(ter)ation”, our booth at the KC Writers Fair, and more.  Until then…