Covid-19 update: Charitable Donation & Discount on The Entropy Sessions

Good Afternoon to all you beautiful people, as promised we have a few updates for you.

Covid-19 Donation:

If you follow us on Twitter or IG (@NovoDeMedia), then hopefully you’re already aware.  On Thursday evening, for our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we donated $105 to the CDC Foundation: Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund.  

Discount on The Entropy Sessions:

On Friday we dropped the price of our paperback version of The Entropy Sessions to $8.88 and started a 5-day promo to get our eBook for Free.  Following the 5-day Free eBook promo, we’ll keep the price at $0.99 for the next month. As we stated in our previous post, it doesn’t feel right to charge full price for content at a time like this.

It’s our hope that these actions will have a positive impact on the situation as a whole (both fighting the virus and providing you a little escape from the madness).

In April, keep an eye out for updates and a tentative release schedule for Adul(ter)ation.

Lastly, stay safe and continue to be good to each other.