Virtual Interview and Adul(ter)ation Release

Hello again all you beautiful souls, we hope you’re all doing alright during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have a few pieces of news that we wanted to share with all of you.

Discounted pricing – We’re going to continue running “quarantine pricing” through the month of May for “The Entropy Sessions”.  

What does “quarantine pricing” entail?  It means that both versions of “The Entropy Sessions” will be priced as low as Amazon will let us and we’ll be taking no profits during this time.  The eBook version will continue to be available for $0.99 and the paperback version will continue to be available for $8.88.  

KC Writer’s Fair & an Interview with Novo Dé –  It should come as no surprise that the KC Writer’s Fair event originally scheduled for April 11th, was unable to be held due to the mandatory Stay-at-Home order in the KC Metro area.  While we were disappointed we were unable to meet and engage with readers in person, we also understand the reasoning.  

That being said, we’ve been assured the Writer’s Fair will happen later this year and we plan to take part at that future time (date still tbd).  In the meantime, we were lucky enough to work with a fellow KC-based author, W.H. Mitchell, to record a Zoom Interview!

Check out the YouTube video here to learn a little bit more about Novo Dé and his debut novel, “The Entropy Sessions”

Adul(ter)ation slated to be released in June – As we’ve finished up the final rounds of editing and we’re nearing completion of the formatting, we expect to release our next piece – a novella titled, “Adul(ter)ation” – in June!

This piece is a quick read – only about 100 pages – so it can easily be finished in a day or two.  It’s a fun read that is pretty straight-forward and includes a couple call backs to characters from “The Entropy Sessions”.  One thing to note with this novella, it definitely aligns with an R-rating so take that for what you will. 


Lastly, as you know we recently re-branded out Instagram and Twitter feeds to be less focused on “The Entropy Sessions” and more focused on our production company overall, Novo Dé Productions (we actually just celebrated our 1 year anniversary in business on May 1!).

Recently, we also updated the Facebook page to match the re-branding as well.  We’re looking to uplift the website next, but all in due time.

The reason behind this re-brand is pretty simple, we’re expanding our offerings beyond just “The Entropy Sessions” – with “Adul(ter)ation” and “Post Meridian” out later this year, and another full-length novel being written currently.

If you’re still reading this, we sincerely appreciate your interest in all things Novo Dé and want to continue producing content that you enjoy –  so connect with us on our socials (@novodemedia) and let us know your favorite content to consume (written, audio, visual, whatever).

Take care and stay safe,