KC Writer’s Fair on August 8th and Audio Content in the works…

Life during a pandemic too often feels like a less funny, less critically-acclaimed version of the Bill Murray hit movie, Groundhog Day. Every day seems to be filled with the same bad news about Covid-19 and even worse political advertisements.

Alas, relief is on the way…The KC Writer’s Fair (Digital Edition) is just around the corner!

KC Writer’s Fair

On August 8th, you’ll be able to virtually meet and hear Novo Dé and 8 additional authors from Kansas City perform a short reading from their writings!


Registration for the event is required (damn Zoom-bombers), but it is completely free to join in and listen/meet/ask questions to published authors residing right here in the KC Metro! To register simply click the link here.

Audio Content

While we’re still focused on creating great written content for you all (including a few short stories in the editing phases and another full-length novel being written), it’s never been the goal to simply stick to one medium.

Audio content, whether it be instrumental or spoken word, has always been something we’ve desired to produce at Novo Dé Productions. We’ve started working towards this goal in a couple different ways.

“The Entropy Sessions” – our flagship novel – is currently being recorded and edited for an audio-book release later this year.

In addition to the audio-book, we’re also exploring some possibilities around podcast content related to all things art – visual, music, film, and more. While we’re still putting the format and framework in place for this, be on the lookout for something to tickle your ears later this fall.


Until those the audio offerings are available, you can still grab our newest release, Adul(ter)ation, as well as The Entropy Sessions on Amazon.

Take care of yourself and be good to others,